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Brake And Clutch Pedal Mould

Brand : CY Molds

Product origin : GuangDong, China

Delivery time : 6-11 Weeks

Supply capacity : Up to 15 ton

Product Description

Rich experience on making break and pedal parts, such as arm clutch, main bracket, clutch pin, cap retainer etc.  Molding material is general PA6+40GF, Using Parker Cylinder with multi cavitation. Reverse Engineering with steel safety is always needed to be considerred to achieve the precised tolerance.

Due to the precision tolerance on these pedal parts, normally we make single cavity mold with running on 160 ton molding machine. After T1 samples with steel safety, we will measure the steel dimension as well as part dimension, afterwards we will do the reverse engineering to fine tuning the mold to achieve the tolerance that customer requested. We will verify the parts via fixture to see the brake distance.

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