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Fog Lamp Mould

Brand : CY Molds

Product origin : GuangDong, China

Delivery time : 6-11 Weeks

Supply capacity : Up to 15 ton

Product Description

Fog Lamp is usually including the housing or Reflector, lens and Bezel. These housing or reflector molds needs good mold design layout, such as:

1)Cavity side normally is optical surface

2)Cooling, Heat Guide

3)More Ribs

Also the dimension of sockets is also critical, therefore the mold needs to be designed with inserted, and steel dimension needs to control with steel safety consideration;

For the Fog Lamp Lens mold, the main issue is Flow lines and welding lines. Need to be careful on molding parameter control.

For the Fog lamp bezel mold, the main critical is the scratch, part warp and poor space to put cooling. Therefore with good mold design with enough cooling is very critical.


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