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Head Lamp Mould

Brand : CY Molds

Product origin : GuangDong, China

Delivery time : 6-11 Weeks

Supply capacity : Up to 15 ton

Product Description

Mirror polish level and abrasive resistance of mold steel to ensure the quality of the mold; The core in the reflector mold is made of Ni from Japan;Single Cavity Mold with using P20HH as cavity & core steel. Mirror Polishing with SPI A1 class. Mould Service Life is 500,000shots.

Molding Material: High Temperature PC

Molding Machine Tonnage: 1200 Ton

Injection System: 4 drops HRS valve hot into cold  runner 

Main Equipment: 5-Axis CNC machine with 3 meter Length and 1.2 meter width;

For Head Lamp Housing, the main open issue will be the part warpage, scratch marks and wave marks.

For Part Warpage issue, we need to consider the sharp or more ribs to defense warp, using good cooling/ mold flow / ampeco inserts, Add sub insert for all mounting features & adjustable blocks around housing; slide around part to keep part staying at core at beginning of mold opening; 

For Scratch Marks, we need to consider the retractor action direction and ejection smoothy or not; 

For Wave Marks, we need to consider whether the holding pressure enough or temperature too high at sharp edges;

Head Lamp Bezel 

When we design the head lamp bezel, we need to consider part warpage, stick on cavity, shadow, gating & venting issue, or welding line. Good mold flow with checking cooling is very important. Using Ampeco inserts to improve cooling;

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