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Gear injection molding process

Gear injection molding process

Lego is so expensive, why so many people also want to buy it?

The world seems to have an endless demand for LEGO bricks.

Many people think that the key is its creativity and design. In fact, not only that. Let's decipher why Lego blocks are so expensive?

We think the most important reason is that lego uses good plastic material.

The materials used by LEGO are food grade engineering plastics. ABS particles have high strength and good flexibility. The plasticity of other brands is particularly strong, and the general will give people a more brittle feel.

This choice of this material is enough to illustrate LEGO's level of care.


Another reason is that lego uses good injection molds for parts production.

Lego engineer team are strict with the mold design. All injection molds should be engraved with Lego's logo, which requires high precision of the mold. 

Only insure high precision of the mold design, injection molded parts can be made with moderate and uniform, and there is almost no difference in the feeling of different batch. Sleek and smooth, the bricks are angular. Even the large parts have good flatness and the parts have no burrs, so it is particularly good quality.

In addition, Lego's molds are using advanced technology and the injection process is more mature, so injection part is relatively flat.


LEGO's demanding requirements and understanding of the product have far exceeded the value of the building block itself. This is also the requirement of LEGO's philosophy for creativity.


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